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Cobotics Trading consists of a team of data scientists and research engineers with over 15 years of research and development expertise in the field of data science and signal processing. Our experiences range from machine learning, distributed computing to adaptive signal modelling. Research and model development is fundamental to our approach and we use a rigorous research process which follows a scientific method that shows consistency over extended time frames and varying market environments. The team continues to enhance the model to keep pace with the ever changing market to retain our competitive edge.

Innovation in AI for quantitative investment


We identify and exploit statistically significant quantitative indicators computed from historical price and volume data in order to forecast future price movements. We analyze fundamental and economic data about the asset classes and markets we invest in to identify opportunities and manage our risks.


We follow a systematic approach in our investment methodologies by applying large data analytics to search for statistically significant anomalies in the markets and design systematic algorithms to exploit them without the interference of behavioural biases or cognitive distortions.


Technology takes the lead in our business. We use machine learning, distributed computing and other advances in data science to find connections in the world’s data. We work with vast amount of data, from over a thousand diverse sources, devise models that begin with inspired ideas and integrate them into our investment strategies.

Cobotics Trading's investment goal is to compound capital in an aggressive manner, over a long term time horizon and at a level of extreme volatility that investors can handle and tolerate.





Cobotics Trading applies proprietary advanced machine learning algorithm for absolute quantitative investment returns.